Bridges Baltimore 2015


Bridges Baltimore 2015

Friday, 31 July, 2015, Baltimore, USA
University of Baltimore: John and Frances Angelos Law Center and the Wright Theater

1401 North Charles Street

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Kristóf Fenyvesi, PhD – Director of Community Events, Bridges Organization

Pythagorean Trio


Dancers Karl Schaffer, Saki, and Laurel Shastri perform a mathematical romp through dance, including combinatoric and rhythmic play with boxes, bottles and vaudevillian hats and a “Dance from the Book”. Karl is co-founder with Erik Stern of the Dr. Schaffer and  Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble, which has been revealing the surprising connections between mathematics and dance for years through highly physical, engaging choreography peppered with their unique brand of humor and entertaining audience interactions.



Tim and Tanya Chartier’s mime combines masks, puppetry, and classical mime illusions into a distinctive style that they have performed throughout the United States and in national and international settings. The Chartiers have trained at Le Centre du Silence mime school, the Dell’Arte School of International Physical Theater and with the world-renowned mime artist Marcel Marceau.

Bridges 2015 Short Movie Festival


The 6th Annual Bridges Short Movie Festival will include a variety of juried and curated videos and short films. The program will include movies, videos and animations that have been created for educational, corporate and artistic purposes, and will provide another opportunity for you to experience innovative and integrative techniques in the fields of mathematics and art.

Bridges Baltimore Family Day Workshops


Elevations – Stellations by Rinus Roelofs, Helen Yu, and Marion Roelofs: Come and construct beautiful geometrical paper-sculptures!

Riddles and Jokes by Marion Deutsche Cohen: At the mathematical poet and writer Marion Deutsche Cohen’s workshop participants can bring in jokes and riddles that have to do with math, in some way. Part of the point is that participants see that math doesn’t have to involve numbers – also, math is something that most everyone has done AND ENJOYED (whether or they knew that) – and mainly, math CAN be enjoyed.


Block Workshop by John Hiigli: Artist John Arden Hiigli will introduce how his patented tetrahedral building blocks and the little known block work of inventor Patricia A. Roane (1920-1996) can be used to teach geometric constructions and their transformations.

Wow Calendar - Doug Titchenal - 300 dpi2

The Story of the WOW Calendar by Doug and Aynn Titchenal: The Wow Calendar is a mathematically inspired, artistically imagined 365-day calendar, constructed from a centered square and executed in a variety of media. Come join the fun! All that is required is curiosity.

StringArt 02a
String Art in Mathematical Education by Radmila Radojevic and Branislava Jakovljevic:
After participants have understood the basics, it will be fun to apply symmetry and watch how interesting structures appear.

Make Geometric Art with ITSPHUN by Mircea Draghicescu: We will have a lot of ITSPHUN pieces and invite everybody to play! Build your own creations or make Platonic, Archimedean and other solids.


Spherical Models Inspired by Fr. Magnus WenninCI_2v_Geodesic_Icosahedron_Dome2ger Workshop by Joseph Clinton: 100 small kits of die-cut paper materials for constructing a 7 inch diameter model of a geodesic dome will be available. The polyhedron model is inspired by Fr. Magnus Wenninger’s book Spherical Models.

Make Your Own MP3 with “Algorhythmic” Generation and Aksak–Euclidean Synthesis by Mehmet Vurkaç: The workshop presents rhythm cells and their interactions according to the Afro-Latin framework uncovered by the facilitator. After trying out rhythm segments through clapping, singing, drumming, or using free drum-machine software, participants record their preferences on a worksheet, and receive an MP3 based on their construction in one of several styles (Brazilian, Haitian, funk, Middle Eastern, etc.).


Experience Workshop Introduces 4Dframe, Jomili and Saxon’s Polyuniverse by Kristóf Fenyvesi: join us and try the amazing 4Dframe toolkits from Korea for assembling Fullerene-“soccer balls”; experiment with the Jomili block set from Slovakia to build planar or spatial patterns, pictures or visual illusions; play with the colorful PolyUniverse from Hungary and create your own artistic world.


Imaginary Mathematics by Jean Constant and Bianca Violet: Creative computer&art workshop for youngs and adults interested to hands-on practice of the free, interactive Imaginary’s SURFER program. Enter simple equations that produce beautiful images, which are surfaces in space, play around with colors and turn your surface around to see it from all angles. SURFER features a variety of content that can be used in schools, at home, in museums, at exhibitions or for events of all kind. IMAGINARY is a project of the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, Germany and funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung.
Notice: Please bring your own laptop. It is recommended to pre-install the SURFER software, which can be downloaded here for free. The installation process is simple and won’t take long.


Unbox Your Mind! The Zometool Cryptocube by Paul Hildebrandt (punctual time and place for this workshop is to be announced later): We model the world with cubes (think of Kindergarten blocks, Lego and Minecraft), but what’s the next step? Find out how the easiest-to-understand of the 5 Platonic solids can reveal a graceful world of symmetry in its absence. This hands-on activity promises fun for children and adults, whether or not you are already familiar with Zometool.



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 Jardin Galerie’s  Children and Youth Art Exhibit

Curated by John Hiigli (Jardin Gallery, New York) and Kristóf Fenyvesi (Experience Workshop)Jardin

Jardin Gallery and Experience Workshop presented a screened exhibition of mathematically inspired children artworks from all over the world submitted especially to Bridges 2015.

We were excited to welcome to the exhibition images of structures built at school or in workshops too: ZomeTool Constructions, Geodesic Domes, Jomili Constructions, Blockbuilding, Tessellations, GeoGebra Math-Art Projects, 4Dframe Constructions and Math/Art Games and Puzzles. The collection of the images was coordinated by several international experts of the field.


Saxon’s Polyuniverse (coordinated by János Saxon)


ZomeTool (coordinated by Paul Hildebrandt)


Geodesic Domes (coordinated by Biagio Di Carlo)


Geodesic Blocks (coordinated by John Hiigli)


Jomili Cubes (coordinated by the Jomili Team)


Tessellations (coordinated by Robert Fathauer)

JOBE_2009_A018784dFrame (coordinated by Ho-Gul Park)

construction1GeoGebra Math-art Projects (coordinated by Eleonóra Stettner)


The Family Day program is available as a PDF.

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