Bridges Family DayCan mathematics be playful, can it be fun? Can mathematics be intriguing, attractive, amazing and magical, even for those who did not think it was the most inspiring class at school?

We give it another try at Bridges Linz 2019 Family Day & Math-Art Expo! Come and experience it yourself!

In 2019, the Bridges Conference, the largest mathematics and art interdisciplinary conference in the world goes to the Johannes Kepler University and Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. We open the gates of the ivory tower of mathematics wider than ever and invite everyone of all ages to browse among the rich collection of artistic and scientific workshops and fun programs.

Our goal is to offer a math-art-experience, an on-site immersion into the fun-world of mathematics and arts. The participants of the Bridges Conference, including artists, scholars and educators prepare interesting community activities, games, workshops, interactive demonstrations, presentations and a mathematical expo to provide the opportunity for everyone to enjoy various activities related to the main theme of the conference.


Bridges Linz 2019 Conference Website (click)

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  1. Mari Laihonen says:

    The admission is free to all events of the Bridges Public day but do we have to register ourselves anyway if we attend only the public day? And if registration is needed how can we do it?

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